Monday, August 27, 2007


Day 15. Or should that be Day 1?

We arrived to cheering and applauding and picture-taking at the end of the Lake Wobegon Trail in St. Joseph on Saturday evening, just before 7:00. My housemates met us there and celebrated our arrival in St. Joe. After enough hoopla there, we pedaled over to the monastery just in time for the end of evening prayer, where there was more excitement and merriment as sisters walked back home after prayers.

For the record, we logged 668 miles on my odometer, and 77 hours and 25 minutes of saddle time.

Here's a little video of our last few seconds on the trail:

Karen, the other postulant, finished her (much longer distance but much shorter duration) journey from England that evening as well, so our house was full of festivity and hospitality, as Benedictines do so well.

After sharing stories and treats and a little wine, I became better acquainted with my new bedroom. Mom, Dad, and Cindy made it safely home Monday--all riding in the pickup. I've spent the last couple of days settling in, unpacking boxes, living the rhythm of prayers, getting oriented to more of the spaces and procedures, being welcomed by sister after sister, and finally getting back to technology.

This blog has been a helpful tool for reflection as I began my journey at St. Ben's, and I'd like to keep it up as the journey continues--perhaps a couple times a week. So keep checking back for some musings from inside the monastery.


Sandy, csj said...

I hope you do keep up the have a very engaging style of writing.

Sandy, csj said...

Oh, and congratulations on a safe arrival!

DJC said...

What a wonderful journey, and definitly please keep up the blog, I really enjoy your writing.

Tess said...

Excellent news, congratulations and look forward to more musings.

Susan at Search said...


Best wishes and congratulations! I've followed your journey with high hopes and am thrilled that you made it safely to St. Ben's. You're in all our thoughts and prayers.

P.S. I ordered the cookbook and will think of you each time we use it!

JoshuaE said...

Hi Stephanie,
i've been enjoying your blog so keep it going. i'm glad to hear about your pursuits at the monastery. my only regret is that we weren't able to have you over for dinner before you left minneapolis. you really must visit some time, Mateo is big and cute. take care and stay in touch.
in his Peace,
Josh Ellens

Anonymous said...

Felicidades y muy buena suerte, Steph!

Jennifer said...

You made it! I knew you would. And now the next stage of the journey begins...looking forward to future words :)

kate said...

all right, stephanie! congrats and all the best in the next leg of your pilgrimage. much love, kate

Anonymous said...

Woo! I echo so many others in hoping you do keep up the blog. Peace, Nat

Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise at seeing your face on the back of the Catholic Spirit! Congratulations and God bless you on your continuing journey.
Becky Healy (from USB)

Jorge Sanchez said...

I found this through Sr. Julie. Wonderful 'blog!


Jorge Sanchez said...

I found this through Sr. Julie. Wonderful 'blog!