Sunday, August 19, 2007

Visual update

Here are a few more pictures of what we've been surrounded by. Pictures can never really capture the grandness of these wide open spaces, so try to imagine what extends beyond the border of these snapshots.

View from the saddle. (Rest assured, I was stopped when this one was taken!)

North Dakota sunflower fields add subtly cheery variety in the midst of the wheat fields and hay bales. And the honey bees love them!

Our outfits get more and more eccentric, and we seem to care less and less what's on the outside, as long as it helps us on this journey.

Cindy and I had to protect our legs from the sun, and have since concocted more ways to cover ourselves, especially our south-facing (right) sides.

The other photo shows us all prepared for our day of rain/mist. The skies were gracious--it only misted for the first and last 45-minute segments of the day's journey.

On Saturday, we left the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, crossed the narrow, mile-long bridge over the Missouri River / Lake Oahe, and entered the Central Time Zone, all within a couple of miles--an uplifting show of progress.


Anonymous said...

TO The Harts
A day of rest. Know of my continued thoughts and prayers.

I'm hoping this goes through just so you know there is support out west.

Love, dorothy

Megan said...

So excited to hear about your journey to the monastery. I just read about it in Monastery Musings. I am preparing to become an Oblate of the community and everyday as I read the Rule I find more strength and guidance. Even though it was written so many years ago the possibilities of using this and living it in your life are endless. I will be praying for you!
Megan Enninga
CSB '02

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

What a great way to mark this journey of the spirit with a journey of the body!

Peace & Blessings,

Bernie said...


Watching your progress on a daily basis and continue to be inspired by and envious of your courage and determination to "follow your heart". Your epic journey is a wonderful thing that you will remember all of your life. Good for you!! Stay strong, keep up the good work!


Kelly_SSJ/A said...

My prayers and blessings are with you as you journey.

schuhchm said...

I just read your latest report, Steph. Be assured that you and your family continue to be in my prayers. I am with you in spirit all the way.
Be careful, be prudent, be safe.