Friday, August 10, 2007

In the beginning

Our departure time has arrived. This is us: Ellen, Cindy, Dean, and Stephanie.

And below is the prayer that I say as I begin the ride each morning. It's a variation on St. Patrick's Breastplate based largely on the version offered by Rosanne Keller in her reflections on pilgrimage (Pilgrim in Time, Liturgical Press, 2006). It also includes elements of versions available on the internet, as well as a few minor changes to make it even more appropriate for this journey.

I arise today
through the strength of heaven
light of sun
radiance of moon
splendor of fire
speed of lightning
freshness of wind
depth of sea
persistence of river
stability of earth
firmness of rock.

I arise today
through God's presence to pilot me
God's strength to comfort me
God's might to uphold me
God's eye to look before me
God's wisdom to guide me
God's way to lie before me
God's ear to hear me
God's word to speak for me
God's hand to lead me
God's angels to save me
God's shield to protect me
from all who wish me ill
afar and anear
alone and with others
against every cruel
merciless power
that may oppose my body, mind, and soul.

May Christ guard me today
so my mission may bear
fruit in abundance.
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ with me, Christ in me,
Christ around me, Christ about me,
Christ on my left, Christ on my right,
Christ when I arise in the morning,
Christ when I lie down at night,
Christ in each heart that thinks of me,
Christ in each mouth that speaks of me,
Christ in each eye that sees me,
Christ in each ear that hears me.

I arise today . .


Lisa R said...

Hi Stephanie,
Well this is about the seventh time I am trying to write to you today, I sure hope this one makes it.
I was so excited to see the picture of you and your family as you began the bicycle ride here to Saint Benedict's Monastery, be assured of my daily prayers for your safety and energy as you take one day at a time.
Lisa Rose

Lisa R said...

Great it made it.

Anonymous said...

stephanie hart.
no freaking way. mom told me that you were doing this and somewhere on the world wide web of chaos there was a blog about it. lo and is found. i hope that its been incredible. i'm in billings - my email is if you get a chance...send me an email. peace to you, old friend.
cindy fjell

Anonymous said...

Great job Stephanie and everyone else! So proud of you!! Can I take some credit since I babysat you when you were little??

Carol Bean