Thursday, August 9, 2007

The route

The U-Haul and I arrived safely in Miles City, and I've been visiting friends and family and tying up details this week. We've also been cleaning and preparing the camper that an old cowboy from Jordan, MT, (who used to sell cattle to Grandpa's livestock yard) loaned us. These next couple of days, we'll be packing and loading and doing all of the last-minute things that one thinks of before a trip like this.

We head east in the early morning of Saturday, August 11. Here's a link to a Yahoo! map of our intended route. If it doesn't work, try entering the following towns into your favorite route builder (e.g., mapquest or yahoo).

Miles City, MT
Lemmon, SD
Aberdeen, SD
Lake City, SD
Sisseton, SD
Browns Valley, MN
Morris, MN
Sauk Centre, MN
Saint Joseph, MN

This is our intended route. It's always possible that there may be some variation as we progress, especially during the Minnesota portion of our journey where there is more pavement to choose from.

We'll be on Highway 12 all the way from Miles City to just past Aberdeen. We're taking a little jog up to Sisseton, SD, to visit the hometown of my dad's grandparents, and will come into Minnesota via SD-10 / MN-28. The shortest route is to follow MN-28 all the way to Sauk Centre and then take the Lake Wobegon Regional Bike Trail into St. Joseph, but another option is to take Hwy 55 to Paynesville and then enter St. Joe via Cold Spring on CR-2. Either way, the total distance comes out to be just over 650 miles.

Pray with us as we scurry around these next couple of days that things will be set in place for us to settle into the slower pace and open mindset/heartset of pilgrimage.


Brenda Brown said...

We are all praying for you, Stephanie! And good news- there will be articles about your pilgrimage in The Catholic Spirit (St. Paul/Mpls Archdiocesan newspaper), The St. Cloud Visitor, the St. Cloud Times and the St. Joseph Newsleader. We've also confirmed that the national Catholic News Service will be picking up the story! Blessings to you all as you journey to Minnesota.

get rhythm said...

Hey Steph! I'm so excited for your journey. On our bike trip we found internet access at libraries, campgrounds, and some restuarants/truck stops. My two favorite pieces of equipment that I brought were my Third Eye (a little mirror that sticks onto the inside of your helmet) and my sleeves. The sleeves are just sleeves that can be pulled up and down and taken off easily when you get warm. I found them especially useful in the morning when we'd have long uphill climbs and speedy downhills. I'd slide them down on the uphill and bring'em back up on the downhills. Take care, Heather

john hanson said...

i'm worried about you
this all sounds like just too much
i'm riddled with anxiety
i can't even bear to think about it

the blog is good
i just hope you dont' have to face some idiots with cameras
and microphones on the road

stop at the churches and pray for me
that my anxiety will cease
and i can accept your
wild montana daring
with grace

seems i used to have some of that too

i'll be watching

maybe we can meet in september

yer pal

br john

schuhchm said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers, dear Hart, as you begin this pilgrimage that will take you to the next segment of your life's journey. Your family is also in my prayers. I hope to get to Collegeville this fall and will see you then. You're going to make a great OSB. I only wish it were a CHM. Be safe; be prudent; stay as precious as you are today. Love, Dolores

Jennifer said...

Looking forward to hearing what we can about your journey! Maza

Kate said...

steph! oh, all the best to you as you begin your journey. i hope the pedaling is meditative and your family time is nice. such wonderful thing to do. if you start getting scorched, my parents' air conditioning in watertown, not too far from lake kampeska (just an 60 miles south of sisseton) are always open to you:). have wonderful travels. kate

Mary Catherine said...

Stephanie, not only are you being accompanied by your family on this trip to the monastery but many of your Sisters at Saint Benedict's are mindfully and prayerfully present to you as well. Our hearts are cheering your on and we are indeed overwhelmed with gratitude for you. It will be good to welcome you home.

schuhchm said...

Steph, we haven't heard from you since Sunday. I hope all goes well. Read the report in The Catholic Spirit and notice that you may once again connect with the IECR. I will certainly be interested to keep posted on your duties there. You and all the Harts continue to be in my prayers. Love, D.